Pigeon Love Photography by Kortney Thoma

Organisations and their people are navigating a VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) business landscape. Change is impacting everyone – from entry level employees to senior managers and directors. Few organisations or business categories can escape the dynamics of change and the need to manage these forces effectively.

Change management is an integrated process requiring an organisation to:

  • Recognise what is going on around it and to identify the changes that are happening in the macro context
  • Develop strategies, tactics and the necessary adjustments to meet the needs of the organisation in the changing environment
  • Train and develop employees on the changing dynamics and forge the skills and capabilities within those employees required to manage the change
  • Win the help, support and advocacy of the people in the organisation to drive the change and transform the business to create on-going sustainability for the business and its people.

Communications For Commerce understands the complex and ambiguous process of Change. We can help your organisation by facilitating and enabling communication amongst stakeholders.  We can provide deep understanding around leadership style and group dynamics, keep the transformation process on track, and provide both advice and services around  training programs designed to enhance individual and organisational capability.