Pigeon Love Photography by Kortney Thoma

Excellence in facilitation means being able to plan, guide and manage a group discussion with neutrality, objectivity, clear thinking, fairness and with the aim of providing ease of process for those in the room. Critical to the process is a deep understanding of a group’s objectives and needs, taking into account their history, the discussion context and the changing nature of the organisational dynamics.

At Communications for Commerce we have more than 20 years experience as professional facilitators. Our object is to provide an environment where constructive dialogue can flourish, so that a group or team can reach successful decisions, solutions, ideas and conclusions. A discussion that is facilitated with excellence means all participants have a voice, each person’s contribution is considered and included in the ideas and decisions that emerge and that all participants share responsibility for the meeting outcome.

Whether your facilitated meeting is one hour, a half-day, full day, or a five day conference, we can provide a skilled and capable facilitator to keep your dialogue progressing positively, so that great business decisions are properly transformed into commercial ideas and products.